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Snow Load Certifications

Quality Carports buildings are manufactured to Engineer Specifications. Our standard carports are manufactured to withstand 20Lb PSF Ground snow load, we also build metal structures up to 100Lb PSF Ground snow load for areas with high elevations.

Are you planning on building a carport or garage in an area that requires a higher snow load? We offer heavy snow load metal buildings, that are constructed with our heaviest materials, and most of the time the trusses and leg-post are closer each other, we also install a C-brace on every leg-post on all of our certified 40Lb PSF and greater.

Metal structures make excellent garages, sheds, carports, canopies, carport covers, shelters, boat canopy covers, shed garage kits, RV covers, barn storage buildings, sheet metal buildings, metal sheds kits, and much more. Any of these types of buildings can reach any snow load needed.​

Please find below a helpful chart that can assist you in choosing the building that will best fulfill your snow load needs (if further questions or concerns please contact your city or county building department for specific details and requirements)​

Snow Load is based on Ground Snow Load PSF (Per Square Foot), below are some Standard Requirements:

  • 10 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Generally refers to rain fall.
  • 20 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Moderate Snow Fall - Minimum for Carports.
  • 25 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Moderate Snow Fall.
  • 30 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Moderate to Heavy Snow Fall.
  • 40 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Heavy Mountain Snow Fall.
  • 43-45 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Heavy Mountain Snow Fall (most required in Utah).
  • 50 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Heavy Mountain Snow Fall (5000ft+ elevation).
  • 60 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – High Mountain Snow Fall (6000ft+ elevation).
  • 90 Pounds PSF Ground Snow Load – Extreme High Mountain Snow Fall (6500ft+ elevation).

Quality Carports, Inc., can provide Engineered Drawings for an additional charge, wind and snow load certification are available for any of our metal carports and steel garages. When the engineer drawings are purchased, you will receive a full set of specifications on how your building will be constructed.​

Wind Load Certification

Quality Carports, Inc. highly recommends that the Building must be strong and wind resistant. When purchasing a Carport it is important to consider the wind load certification to ensure that the structure can withstand high winds, especially if the building is located in an area known for inclement weather.

The main Wind Load resisting system of a building is a vital component. Wind load calculations can be difficult to figure out because the wind is unpredictable, proper anchors are an essential part of the building life. If Wind Load certification is NOT added at the time of installation, high winds could increase the risk or incur on the Blow-Over of the building.

Quality Carports always gives the option to have you upgrade your building to the wind load certification. We care for the carport or building you purchase and we want you to have these buildings for a long term.

Contact a Quality Carports, Inc. specialist for quotes on Wind Load Certifications for any of our Steel Buildings.

Note: Consult your local building department for your specific Snow Load requirements.

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