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Do I need a Building Permit?

Many customers ask if they need a building permit. Building code regulations vary from city to city, and the requirement for a building permit depends on your city or county. Permitting is customer responsibility; Quality Carports does NOT handle building permits.

The following guidelines will help answer any questions you might have about the need for a building permit:

All Buyers Should Call Their Local Building Department

In most cities, in order to build a new steel structure, homeowners (buyers) are more than likely required by the city to obtain a permit for the new building.

The cost for a building permit varies widely and depends on the geographical location & size of the building.

For larger projects, special inspector visits may be required, and fees are generally intended to cover the cost of those inspections.

Obtaining a Building Permit

The Building Permit Process

What’s the process for obtaining a building permit?

  • The building permit process involves filling out an application (by buyer)
  • Providing a site plan or layout of the project (by buyer)
  • Two sets of drawings are normally required and some areas require calculations as well as drawings.
  • These requirements are generally the same in most of the cities. However, homeowners (buyers) should always check to be sure before beginning construction.

Quality Carports Inc., is not responsible for obtaining a building permit for any customer.

Quality Carports Inc., can supply drawings at an additional cost (drawings and calculations are sold separately).

Note: When you get closer to purchase a building, it is very important to know what the specific city building code is if you are obtaining a building permit.

Important information to ask your city:

Please be sure to ask your city for the following information, this will be critical in the choosing of your product and help you save time:

  • What is the Ground Snow Load (PSF) required for my building location?
  • What is the Wind Load (MPH) required for my building location?
  • What is the largest size of building I can build on my property?
  • How far away from the property line can I build?
  • Do I need engineer-stamped drawings/calculations?

Please keep in mind that Quality Carports, will not have information on what your city or county require for your building to meet local code. This is a customer’s responsibility.

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