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Wind Load


Quality Carports, Inc. highly recommends that the Building must be strong and wind resistant. When purchasing a Carport it is important to consider the wind load certification to ensure that the structure can withstand high winds, especially if the building is located in an area known for inclement weather.

The main Wind Load resisting system of a building is a vital component. Wind load calculations can be difficult to figure out because the wind is unpredictable, proper anchors are an essential part of the building life. If Wind Load certification is NOT added at the time of installation, high winds could increase the risk or incur on the Blow-Over of the building.

Quality Carports always gives the option to have you upgrade your building to the wind load certification. We care for the carport or building you purchase and we want you to have these buildings for a long term.

Contact a Quality Carports, Inc. specialist for quotes on Wind Load Certifications for any of our Steel Buildings.

Note: Consult your local building department for your specific area requirement.

Wind Load