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1464 W 40 S Ste #400

Lindon, Utah 84042

Phone: 801.406.9508

Fax: 877.271.1167

Quality Carports Barns (English Style, Regular Round, Continuous Roof Line) are engineer designed with a clean and durable steel framing and structural support that a strong structure requires. Our barn trusses are spaced as max as 5 feet, this is to  maintain the appropriate handling for snow load. The exact space between the framing bows is determined by how much weight (snow load) might end up on the roof.
Quality Carports barns do not require concrete foundation work. While you might spend as much as 25 percent of your total budget in concrete, Quality Carports can install any of our three barn styles on your leveled ground, grass, gravel, asphalt, etc., by using one of our ground anchor package, we will help you reduce the overall costs, not only on concrete, but also on the grading and earth-moving that is required to install a proper foundation.

Continuous Roof Line